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In 2019, Kathy began her journey by attending the 5-day Intensive EMDR training in-person, sponsored byEMDR Consulting. She continued to pursue a more proficient understanding in order to becomeEMDR-Certified, July 2021. She is able to simplify this complicated yet highly effective therapy for youth, adults, and First Responders.

In 2023, Kathy began the next steps to be a Consultant-in-Training for EMDR.

EMDR Certification requires having an advanced mental health license, taking several EMDR theory classes and direct application of EMDR, and multiple sessions with an EMDR Supervisor. Once an EMDR Certified Therapist has completed the certification process, they can work toward becoming an EMDR Consultant as a consultant-in-training (CIT).

(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)

Video: EMDR Explained(short video explaining how EMDR can be used in a therapy setting)

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